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Goodies Box
Goodies Box
Goodies Box
Goodies Box

Goodies Box

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Subscription boxes are all the rage lately. Can you blame it though? What’s not to love about them? You get a box full of goodies on a monthly basis. Some things you might never have picked on your own but come to you and possibly quickly become your new obsession!

This has honestly been something I have wanted to do for over a year. I have been working hard behind the scenes to make this idea finally come to life.

Of all things who wouldn’t want a regular order of our signature mugs?! And obviously, I couldn’t just leave this subscription box to only Mei Design items.

These boxes are curated with items from my favourite local businesses that I know you will love.

Buy it for yourself or send it to someone special.

The contents of this box value over $60 for only $48!

You can select a one time purchase for this box or subscribe to a monthly refill. Each month will contain different items/designs.

This month the box will contain:

You are Enough block from @therustichomefarmhousedecor

Zen AF Bath Bomb from The Bath Bomb Chick

Be YOU tiful sugar cookie from @cicisconfections

Wooden Garland from Forever Son Flowers and More

Planner Clip/Bookmark from @the_innspired_sunflower (mixed prints)

Hair Ties from Phaw's Boutique (mixed prints)

Mug & Print from Mei Designs. Choose option of Nice or Naughty mug (design shown in pictures)

If you choose monthly subscription:
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