About Me

My name is Carolina pronounced 'Caro Lee Na' not like the state! ⁣

I started my business when Nathan was born in 2014, making things for family and friends and then totally switching gears when Natalie was born 2016.  Mei is Natalie's middle name, which means beautiful in Chinese.

In 2019 our family dynamic changed and I went on leave in August to focus on my kids and I.  It wasn't until October when I really pushed Mei Designs, and focused on making it as great as I knew it could be. 

I am a single mom to two beautiful kids, Nathan 5 and Natalie 4, who keep me busy! They are the reason why I wanted to push Mei Designs; to give me the flexibility of being home with them. 

 Having a long road with PPD after Natalie was born, Mei Designs helped me get through some hard times; allowing me to meet so many other Vendors within the Handmade Community; some of which I am lucky to call my friends.

I am a one-woman show for this business and each product is designed and handcrafted by me.  I put a lot of care and love into each one of my pieces and I love seeing everyone enjoying them on a daily basis.

When you buy a product from Mei Designs, the three of us really do a happy dance! 
Thank you all for your support, love, likes, shares, referrals. 

We appreciate them so much!
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Carolina, Nathan and Nati